"WWF European Rampage Tour" freezes.

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For some reason this game freeezes at the beginning of every fight. Tried it with default options, and with or without D.B.G.L., my usual frontend. No error messages appear in the console.

Any ideas?

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bloodbat wrote on 2011-02-03, 09:11:

Crank the cycles up before starting the game...15,000 to 20,000 does it for my POS laptop.

Actually, it still gets stuck, at least if you often pause the game (by clicking the Escape key on your keyboard), why is that?

Why is it even needed to give it so many cycles in the first place?
I've found an alternative way, instead of a fixed value, I use cycles=max, but:

  1. It freezes after even one pause (whereas high cycles allow me to pause at least once).
  2. There are no sounds at all, only music between matches.

For comparison, it's interesting to note it seems to work out of the box in DOSBox-X.

I know it's raising an old thread from the dead, but it's still relevant.