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I still have an ancient copy of "Empire", a DOS based strategy game. I can't run the game on DOSBox because the game requires ANSI.SYS to be installed so that the game can control the text screen with escape codes instead of directly calling the screen control routines.

Are there any plans to enable ANSI.SYS emulation on DOSBox? If not, could it be done? I would think that the emulation should be easy enough to implement and it could be turned on or off in the autoexec config file.

For those who are unfamiliar with "escape codes" or ANSI.SYS, the program allowed text-only programs (often ported from other systems such as Unix which at that time used separate consoles linked by serial port to the computer) to do things like positioning the cursor at a spot on the screen by printing a code starting with the Escape code.

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DOSBox already has ANSI.SYS emulation built in. I have Empire 5.0 from the mid 1980's that needs an ANSI driver, and it works fine with DOSBox's ANSI emulation. You can boot real DOS in DOSBox and load its ANSI driver as a reference if you suspect there's some problem with the built-in emulation.

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Have you tried NNANSI or another TSR type ANSI driver? DOSBox can't normally handle MS-DOS device drivers that need to go in config.sys, but it can handle TSRs for the autoexec.bat just fine.