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I read something pertaining to this in another thread, I believe... is it possible to use VDMS with Dosbox? I may have read wrong.

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Although the Sound Blaster emulation can be far from accurate at times.

Using DosBox:

*Panic Demo by Future Crew - DMA Misaligns and so it switchs the music from speaker to speaker.
*Unreal Demo by Future Crew using Soundblaster Pro in it's start up - Echos the sound multiple times in the speakers.
*Space Quest 4 MS-DOS Disk Version - Bottom Part of sound chopped off makes it very tinny.
*Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist CD Version - Only effects SFX and Voicing emulated incorrectly causing Static where there shouldn't be. No SFX or Voicing comes out as a result.

Those are the only ones I notice have problems that have ONLY (except SQ4 but it is the best sounding) Soundblaster Support. And Dosbox can't do it.

**VDMSound on the other hand can do it for both Space Quest 4 and FPFP CD but it does a horrible job on everything else DosBox does right.
(VDMsound does not do demos very well)