Warlords 2 configuration

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Great Job on makeing DOSbox . I love it ....

According to your supported games on Dosbox Warlords 2 is supported under version 0.58. At first i was gettting EMS memory problems . I couldnt figure out how to increase the EMS in the 0.60 version. Anyways ... so after downloading the 0.58 version i was able to increase the EMS memory to 32 . But now im getting the error ......

*** SVGA not available ***

Could anyone help me figure out what im doing wrong ?
Your help would be greatly appreciated .

Intel 815
P3 933
ATI 9000 64meg
Sounblaster mp3

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I have Warlords II standard and for the life of me cannot get sound to work, although the game runs. Soundblaster seems to work fine on all my other games though. I have made sure the values Warlord II detects are what are kosher under Dosbox (220, 7, 1). Is anyone else having such a problem? I've had it with every version of Dosbox through to .61.

- Win XP running on a Pentium 4 1.8GHz motherboard unknown, Compaq OEM bios
- 512MB DDR
- SB Live