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I just installed Redneck Rampage today. For the most part, the game works.

However, there is one minor annoyance: when I exit the game, the screen gets stuck at the "Quit" option. It doesn't take me back to the DOS prompt unless I press another key. This gives me the impression that DOSBox has crashed, which is not the case. The issue affects both the regular game and the Suckin' Grits on Route 66 expansion.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?


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Redneck Rampage tries to open and play a couple of non-existent animation files (IN_03.ANM and IN_04.ANM) at exit. The animations will be played if they exist, but whether they exist or not the game will pause for a keypress after each. If the two pauses for a keypress don't happen on real systems for some reason, they at least appear to be related to what is going on with the animation files.