How to run Little Big Adventure (LBA1 & LBA2) in DOSBox: Complete Guide

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I just tried your "guide" to install LBA2 (original CD french)

But it didn't works 😮(

All install is OK until I launch LBA2, then I've got the little "mup mup" and this message "Veuillez inserez le CD-ROM de LBA2 : Twinsen's Odyssey"
(In english "Please insert LBA2 CDROM....")
So he seam not to reconize my genuine LBA2 CDROM...

What can I do...?

Thanks you for you reply.

Reply 26 of 36, by Qbix

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one small bug in your guide:

the mount line -t cdrom -label addasf -ioctl

should have a -usecd 0 as well
where 0 must be replaced by yourcdrom number if you do mount -cd

(else it won't work if you have more than 1 cdrom player (and not using the first))

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Hey im trying to get LBA 1 to load on my PC. I used Win XP and have 1GB of mem. I can mount the CD no prob but when i change to drive D and type install is says the command is illegal, and thats as far as i can get! 🙁

Can someone help plez!

Thanx in advance 😀

Reply 35 of 36, by MiniMax

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How did you mount your C and D drives?
What type for file is that INSTALL ? Try a DIR INSTALL.* and let us know.

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