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Hi guys, I am a 80 yr old newbie so please be patient with me. I am wheelchair bound and trying to help a grandson to use QBASIC as a programming aid.
My problem is, the first time I downloaded dosbox somehow I am not sure how, I managed to get into the qbasic screen and built several small bas programs.
Suddenly one morning I found that I had lost my into the qbasic screen.Now I am having much trouble getting back into qbasic. I have tried mounting the C: drive and another drive but
I can't find the path through to qbasic.
I am running windows 10 on a new machine, with heaps of memory and storage etc. It is a 64bit machine.
Can some kind soul please talk me through it so I can continue to help my grandson?
At one time back with win 95 I had no trouble but I am wondering if the latest win10 is the cause of the problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks KnockaT.

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Wow, much respect to an 80-year-old newbie. We have a discussion topic around here for "first computer you used" and I would hesitate to have you join it 😁

Yeah, QB64 would probably be better than running the original QuickBasic in DOSBOX.

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Hi guys, to Collector and Stileto, my thanks for the heads-up. QB64 is just what I needed. Also thanks for the kind words, I maybe not so mobile these days but I must try to keep the grey matter agitated and active.
After getting back into QBasic after so many years, I still find it great fun !!
Cheers and Beers from Western Australia.
Regards KnockaT.

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Hello again, I have been getting along with QB64 very well but have a small query that may or may not be relevant.
I noticed that I have a full sized screen when working with QB64. When I run the program the secondary screen opens up but it is only about 1/4 the size of the main window.
I went to Microsoft Community Page and asked this same question and received an answer telling me that QB64 is not fully compatible with WIN 10. Also that I may have to use a Third Party program
in order to increase the size of the run window.
Can anyone suggest a third Party program or indicate that what they told me is in fact correct? Is it possible to do this?

Thanks again,
KnockaT in OZ.

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You might have better luck asking here: http://www.qb64.net/forum/

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