"Heaven's Dawn" - how to install/run?

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I just discovered this game and wanted to play it, but I'm unable to run it.
Of course, I have it downloaded. This is abandon-ware in the strict sense - abandoned, not sold anymore, so don't expect me to have an original CD.
Running heaven.bat doesn't work, the game shuts down. I can run the game's installer in DOSBox, but only sound setup works. I can't install it. Pressing enter on "Begin Install" doesn't do anything. Underneath, it says: "Space required: 1,8 MB. Space available: 0,0 MB (H:)". I even tried setting up a virtual H: drive in the game's "hd" folder, but it still shows that I have no space for installing it.
Note that I'm not a super-proficient DOSBox user. I just know how to run games in DOSBox, also because D-Fend Reloaded makes it quite automatic for most games, but in some cases it's not so easy and it typically leaves me stuck... Configuration of virtual drives is something I particularly have little experience with. If I understand it well, I should make D-Fend Reloaded act as if I was installing the game from a CD, even when actually none is inserted?

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So called abandonware is not supported here. Ask for help from where you got it or post for help using an original copy.

Also you should try to get the game working first without a frontend and then once working use the frontend.


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