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as I tried to start a game in Dosbox, the following error message appeared:

ERROR: Unable to open the file: C:\ULTRASND\ULTRASND.INI

What can I do to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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I can only tell you that the game is trying to use a Gravis Ultrasound and that you don't have DOSBox set up to emulate one properly.

You should either tell the game to use something besides the GUS sound card, or read the documentation on how to set up DOSBox to emulate it.

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I searched the DOSBox Wiki and found this:


I'm pretty sure that those are the instructions I followed to get it working for myself.

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Anonymous wrote:

The game is called 'Descent' (it's the very first version).

Since you tried VDMSound, I presume you aren't interested specifically in a DOSBox solution, and suggest you try http://d1x.warpcore.org

(...wonder why so many people are trying to run Descent the hard way these days...)

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One you need to install GUS (Gravis Ultrasound Drivers) and then edit DOSBox.conf
"Ultrasnd=C:\ULTRASND" to whatever directory you installed GUS Drivers to.
Second you then need to run Descent's setup to make sure you set GUS to the right settings.
Then you should be okay when you run Descent.
Otherwise just set Descent's Setup to SoundBlaster.


BTW: Zorach, not everybody wants to use the remakes or remixes of the oldies. Some people want to run the originals. Like me for instance... Not a big deal just what we like to do.

Helping Debug DOSBox.

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Well considering how slowly Decent may run under Dosbox depending upon their configuration. I'm glad he posted it for those who may not know of the alternative.

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