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A question about this game has appeared before, but I found it not very relevant because what I have is not a disk image. Just files. And by the way, I dislike developers who put multiple executable files in a single game, because how am I supposed to know which one should be used?
Anyway, I was unsuccesful with getting the game to run. With dark.exe the game closes after a short while (but late enough that there''s no error message), with other files - it closes yet sooner. Running the installation changes nothing, in fact it's just a setup.
I have managed to find a version with a quickstart DOSBox file and it works, but I would still prefer to have it as a normal D-Fend Reloaded profile, since I use DFR/DOSBox anyway. But I have no idea how to check which files does the quickstart file use in its DOSBox commands. How can I check it? Thank you in advance for answering.