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So, I got DOSBox, mounted C as a folder in my documents, got all the files from the w95 install image into a folder, ran setup.

It did it's usual perform a system check thing and then it just hung, it's been atleast an hour..

anyone know how to fix that?


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I think the same. Win95 needs MS-DOS 7.x, which it tries to install (and fails at trying).

Many years ago, I managed to install Win95 in DOSBox by using an image file.
But it was no easy ride. Not all versions were equally DOSBox-friendly.
I think I've used the first version (Win95 RTM) or the last version, Win95 C.
But I'm not entirely sure. 🙁

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If you want to run Win9x, you should try using DOSBox-X instead, it supports it. Have a look at the wiki for installation instructions:
https://dosbox-x.com/wiki/Guide%3AMicrosoft-W … talling_windows