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I've been working on a Dragonsphere asset archival project and need some advice on unpacking background images from the MADS file compression system.

So far, I've successfully unpacked sprites, text files, databases and more from the .HAG dir using the 'mpskit' tool (https://github.com/institution/mpskit - massive thanks to username 'institution' for creating this). I've even had luck getting the raw MIDI files but can't for the life of me locate and unpack the background images. The cutscene videos are also a mystery to me, though I suspect they might be hiding along with the backgrounds.

Any help would be much appreciated! Documentation on the MADS engine is woefully scarce. With luck, I hope to create a comprehensive archive of all assets from this true hidden gem of adventuring gaming history.



p.s. Currently working on a OST remastering alongside the archive. More on that later.