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So i have a problem with the installation of Top Gun: Fire at Will. I am running of a Macbook with DOSbox Mac Version, i download the .iso version of Top Gun: Fire at Will from [edit: warez link removed], and i booted up DOSbox, everything seemed okay, i typed in the command Z:\>IMGMOUNT D ~/Downloads/TopGunCD1.iso -t iso (i had to rename the .iso file name to make it without spaces), then i typed D:, then INSTALL.EXE in the command line and it ran the Installation app. So far, so good, i clicked Install game, then i chose minimum version, then i clicked ok, then it came to the screen on what drive to install it to, it said Z in the side bar, above the Z said drive and next to it said 0 mb and above that said free space. i clicked ok and an error popped up saying "You cannot write to this disk. Please choose another drive" even though there is no other drive selection option.
Is there anyway to change the installation from going to drive Z to the normal Drive where the Downloads folder is or something like that. If there is, please let me know on how to do it. Thanks