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Hi there.. maybe it was still a subject of an older post.. if yes I hadnt found it, sorry.
Most related posts I got, were about the EMS problem.

After the start of the game you need to calibrate the joystick, and after calibrating it the mouse cursor still wanders into the lower right corner no matter what I'm trying with the x- and y-axis
The voice seems to be a bit left behind.. is there a specific number for the cpu cycle (raised by *ctrl+f12*) for the game to use ?
Or is it connected to another problem ?

my system: Win 2000 prof, Nvidia Geforce FX5200, SB PCI

Thx for the help

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Even when I got the game work many years ago I always had problems with the joystick which is why I was forced to use the mouse. I appears that the problem is that the game was designed for a specific high tech joystick and is not truly compatible with others. You can play it with a mouse, although it is not as easy. My problem is that the video doesn't work right because the CD is TOO fast for DOS and it basically skips over all the video.