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Hi all,
I have noticed that setting around 20.000 cycles (fixed) in DosBox, which is roughtly equivalent to a 486 at 66MHz, the game menu appears very briefly and demo mode starts running in like 1-2 seconds.
Thing is, Tyrian is supposed to run right on a Pentium machine.
So why does it display the main menu so briefly on a 486-like configuration? Is it a known game bug?

(Other than that, the game is perfect at 20.000 cycles)

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vanfanel wrote on 2023-05-23, 11:48:

Is it a known game bug?

Looks like it could indeed be a bug, because OpenTyrian (which is directly based on the original source code) has a much longer delay time before the demo kicks in -- noticeably longer than even if you drop down to 12010 cycles in DOSBox for example.

However, the only way to be 100pc sure would be to run the game on original hardware or in a different emulator like 86box.

UPD: Tyrian 2000 also has a bigger delay, which I guess is the intended setup.

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