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Hello dosbox fanatics,

For the birthday of my fiancé I have been trying to give her back one of her font memories, Rayman Gold. Since this is a Dos game that doesn't seem to work on any kind of device (i even bought a laptop with windows xp on it), I have turned myself to something I thought would be my last resort; A raspberry pi with dosbox running on it. The process was fairly simple:
- Step 1: install the OS on the raspberry
- Install dosbox on the raspberry by executing sudo apt install dosbox
- rip the actuall dos game cd-disk and get all the files on the raspberry

now this is where the problems and errors start to arise.

I have been able to get everything sorted properly. can mount the proper disk by executing: mount c ~/dos-games/RaymanGold
I then mount C by executing c:

It then shows me that the c disk is mounted. Once I type the command INSTALL (to run the Installation file) Rayman boots up normally. I continue through the installation process, but once I have to choose a disk to install the game on it tells me that there is no disk space available, nor shows it the C: disk. It does however shows me Disk a: , b: and z:

I have tried to fix the disk space issue with the command: loadfix -320000 INSTALL, which returns me:
57856 kb allocated.
57856 kb freed.

I am not quite sure if this fixed the problem, but I assumed it did.

Once I try to then run the installation process again, it still shows that there is no disk space available, nor that there is a c: disk...

I am going crazy here, but am feeling that I am so close to getting the game to work.

Does anyone maybe have some tips or know where I am going wrong here?

Any information would be much appriciated!

P.S i might have missed some information (like adding info in the config file under AUTOEXE), but feel free to ask and i will try to give as much info as possible.

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Littlenaru wrote on 2023-09-21, 16:13:

- rip the actuall dos game cd-disk and get all the files on the raspberry

I assume this means you just copied the files from the CD. That is probably the root cause of your problems.

You should make a CD-image instead, imgmount the image and install the game (CD => D-drive, HDD => C-drive).