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Windows 9x in DOSBox

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General theme about work and installation of Windows 95(abc)/98(SE) systems in DOSBox.
As DOSBox's moderator closes themes about this in DOSBox general discussion section, it's better to be situated here.

For now moment Windos 9x systems work reasonably good in ykhwong's builds of DOSBox and not always bad in DOSBox 0.74.
2D and Direct3D 5.x games may be played not bad, but this needs ~3 times faster CPU cores for good fps than we have today or better support of 3D cards in the emulator.

Besides DOSBox, on today I know only one emulator supporting Direct3D in Win9x as guest OS: PCem (S3 Virge/DX). And other may to give it some time: SPC (Voodoo Rush).

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In general, to install Win9x in ykhwong's build you need:
1) In DOSBox type: imgmake с:\hdd.img -t hd_2gig. This will create 2 Gb FAT16 HDD image.
2) In dosbox.conf input:
machine=svga_s3, vmemsize=4, memsize=128, core=dynamic, cputype=pentium, cycles=max, isapnpbios=false
in [ide, primary], [ide, secondary], [ide, tertiary], [ide, quaternary] enable=true;
- in [autoexec]:
imgmount a "c:\fddboot.ima"
imgmount c "c:\hdd.img" -t hdd -fs fat -ide 1m
imgmount d "c:\win95.iso" -fs iso -ide 2m
boot -l a
(fddboot.ima, for example, you may get in [boot] folder of .iso Win9x CD after opening it by 7zip)
3) Run DOSBox. Run setup from CD image. After setup change to "boot -l c".
4) Some had problems with Microsoft's S3 driver during setup, so you may need to choose VGA there. After installation you may set recommended S3 drivers from DosFreak's guide, driver for SB16, Voodoo, DirectX 8.0a. Some games may work better with other video driver, for example some VBE. SB settings in Device Manager should be manualy set to base 220 irq 7 dma 1 dma16 5.

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Moved to the dosbox guides section. It's still a dosbox topic. I'm still closing it. If you want to discuss other flsvours of Dosbox please open a new forum somewhere else.

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