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Postby kjliew » 2018-11-10 @ 20:47

This fixed DOSBox glide pass-through issue when both glide pass-through and voodoo1 chip emulation are compiled in single build and used interchangeably. The problem was glide pass-through acquired window handle from SDL once and used the same handle all the time for grSstWinOpen(). The voodoo1 chip emulation broke this assumption because it hijacked and re-inited SDL upon every time it was in used. The fix also enabled DOSBox to use the patched OpenGlide/X11 without spawning new rendering window on Linux.

Patch for OpenGlide/X11 is available at:

After all, DOSBox and QEMU can share the same OpenGlide/X11 and OpenGlide/WinAPI builds on Linux and WIndows using native APIs, eliminating the SDL1 layer.
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