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I'm not using any kind of special dedicated server tool or anything.
My friend and I have a server box, below are the specs.

Intel Xeon E5-1650 V2 3.50GHz processor
8GB Installed RAM

All I did was put DOSBox 0.74 on the server and have it start an IPX server on startup.

I've done some pretty extensive testing on it to make sure it works as intended.

And so far, so good.

But I am only one man with a desktop and a laptop.
So my tests have been limited to connecting my two computers to the server. Not a bad test, but that's still two computers on the same LAN talking to one another thru a WAN server.
But one notable item is that my desktop uses a power-line adapter, whereas my testing laptop uses wi-fi. Despite this fact, there's still no delay between the PCs as far as I can see.

If you want to help test it, feel free to message me here.
On that note, there are a few things we will need for testing.

1) Comms, preferably TeamSpeak or Discord.
2) Unified game binaries (I'll provide the main test games)

Those are the only two important prerequisites I can think of at the moment.

Addendum 1:
I neglected to mention the games I had tested with and confirmed worked.
(Bear in mind the above mentioned fact that these were conducted on two PCs on the same LAN connected to the server over WAN.)

Doom: Works flawlessly.
Quake: A little on the speedy side, cycles needs adjusting.
Heretic: Works flawlessly.
HeXen: Works flawlessly.
Blood: Rare split-second pauses but is otherwise flawless.
Duke Nukem 3D: Minor sprite flickering but is otherwise flawless.
Powerslave: Slow, near unplayable.
Rise of the Triad: Slow and unplayable in game.
One Must Fall 2097: Runs slow, but playable.
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans: Same as One Must Fall 2097

I don't know why ROTT, One Must Fall, and Warcraft slow down when Doom and Blood don't.

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Over a year and a half later and only now do I have an update for y'all.

Seems like this thread has been viewed quite a few times since I first posted on it.

I no longer have direct access to the server box that the dedicated DOSBox server was hosted from, but I have not given up.
I am currently testing out running a dedicated server from my tiny netbook laptop.

So far it seems like the latest official build of DOSBox has helped OMF2097 run a little more smoothly.
I haven't tested anything else except OMF, though I intend to test literally everything I can and will compile a new (hopefully larger) list of games that work or at least have been tested.

I eventually want to include a virtual Modem dosbox server as well.

Simultaneously I am also working on a new Discord server so all of this stuff has a good quick communications hub.

If anyone wants to suggest a game for netplay testing, feel free to post here.