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I'm trying to use the graphical terminal program for Land of Devastation (gterm.exe) so I can play said bbs door game using the graphical terminal. This uses a modem connection to a bbs.

The only way I've gotten gterm to work correctly is if I use the serial1=nullmodem server:(bbsname.com) telnet setting in dosbox.conf. And when I use this method, it works, but it is EXTREMELY slow, like 2400 baud slow, maybe even 1200 baud slow, which makes gameplay tough. Is there any settings I can set to speed up how null modem emulation connects?

I see there's an old thread from 2010 saying the serial stack in dosbox needs a rewrite. Did that ever happen? Is there something I'm missing? Help!

Puzzled - DOSBox Emulated Serial Modem Very Slow (2400 baud-ish)


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i have similar issues with real rs232 i only achieve 9600 Bauds on Core i5 Laptop..

But on Athlon XP i get full 115200 Baud... 😒

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