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On 2 dosboxes I ran "ipxnet server" / "ipxnet connect ...", worked fine, then run on both:

ipxsetup -nodes 2 -deathmatch -altdeath -skill 5 -nomonsters -warp 1

This hapens next (pretty much immediately):

DOOM II Network Device Driver v1.22
Communicationg with interrupt vector 0x60
Console is player 1 of 2 / 2 of 2
Returned from DOOM2.EXE

and returns to DOS prompt. (DOOM2.EXE never seems to get invoked.) If, on the other hand, I run "doom2" or "DOOM2 -warp 1", it works fine.

The folder contains files DOOM2.EXE, DOOM2.WAD, DEFAULT.CFG, SETUP.EXE, IPXSETUP.EXE, SERSETUP.EXE. I tried adding all other files, including MODEM.*, DM.*, documentation etc., but the outcome was the same. I've got the same problem with Doom. What's wrong?