Old CRT in retro build?

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Old CRT in retro build?

Postby Hamby » 2019-2-12 @ 07:47

Awhile back I got to thinking of building a custom Mac-style, PS/1-style or Compaq 425-style case with like baby AT or even itx motherboard. My first thought was to use an LCD display, but then I came across this on ebay:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-230DB4 ... 1438.l2649

And thought it would be neat to use an actual crt in the build.
But, then looking at the pic of the CRT, I realize there's a whole lot of missing circuitry, isn't there?

Would it be possible to adapt an old CRT like this one, or would finding/building the necessary circuitry not be worth the effort/cost?
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Re: Old CRT in retro build?

Postby retardware » 2019-2-12 @ 08:10

This is just the tube... quite generic B/W tube.

But, it is really amazing how quickly and thoroughly the CRTs disappeared.
I'd love to take one of the end-1990s giant Trinitron monitors. Their weight was around 30kgs and they had resolution up to iirc 2560x1440.
Sadly their HOT is their weak point, so the last remaining units are dying quickly. (I actually considered to get one, but the spare parts problem put me off)
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Re: Old CRT in retro build?

Postby amadeus777999 » 2019-2-12 @ 14:37

Since this would not be a trivial task I would guess that seeking out still working crts is the better option in this case.
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