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I made ramdisk 11mb using dos5.

I tried 32mb edo ram. When I check ram using mem.exe it reports that:

31mb extended memory exist, 4.2mb available XMS memory (as normal ram). And my ramdisk is 10.8mb.

31mb - 10.8mb - 4.2mb available = 16mb seems to be missing. What hapened to remaining 16mb ram?

How can I make this to work using 16mb ram instead of 32mb. Why 16mb of ram is wasted?

(or, equivally, I want to be able to make bigger ramdisk and have more available ram using 32mb edo ram)

Here is current config.sys (booting from floppy ms-dos 5.0, pure boot, only below config.sys parameters used, no autoexec.bat):

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rasz_pl wrote on 2024-05-02, 13:14:
>486 > And it worked. >16mb seems to be missing […]
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> And it worked.
>16mb seems to be missing

source of your problems might be:
> edo ram.

What problem can be? Both amounts of ram (16mb stick, and, 16+16mb) are recognized in POST.

And like I wrote above, mem.exe recognizes 31mb extended memory.

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I wouldn't trust DOS 5.0 with such amounts of RAM.
Try 6.20 and/or 7.10.

Nie tylko, jak widzicie, w tym trudność, że nie zdołacie wejść na moją górę, lecz i w tym, że ja do was cały zejść nie mogę, gdyż schodząc, gubię po drodze to, co miałem donieść.