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Here I have a Soyo SY-025M VLB board with a 486DX2 66 CPU, 8MB RAM.

When I put in an ISA graphics card, the system is working great, no issues at all.

Bute when I insert my Cirrus Logic CL-GD5424 VLB card, the system gives me 8 beeps in the upper VLB slot (graphics card error), and in the lower VLB slot the system boots, but then the hard disk is having problems, it usually starts loading DOS but then gives me an error that COMMAND.COM is missing and other files too. I have no idea why a graphics card should interfere with the operation of the HDD.
I used contact spray of both slots, the VLB graphics card is known to be working.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

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The top 2 slots look to be for bus mastering cards (IDE card for example) which your graphics card is not.
Are you using a VLB card for IDE? I assume you have the FSB set for 33mhz if you are using a 486/66, video cards can have problems above 40.

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