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I have an old Suncom Throttle with Talon Joystick that's plugged into the gameport and calibrated within Windows the Throttle is a split Throttle and has 2 axis which are Axis 3 and 4.

Only problem is I can't it to register in game as a Throttle it just doesn't do anything this is in F16 Multirole Fighter and F22 Lighting 3.
In Lighting 3 there is a Joyapp that can read all the Axis however it only reads the joystick.
When I use the Hotas setup on Windows 10 with a gameport adapter the app reads both throttles they are assigned Axis Slider and Z Rotation.

Is there anyway I can play around with the driver on the 98SE machine to assign these Axis as a slider and z rotation?

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Maybe something here can help: http://web.archive.org/web/20001109071200fw_/ … om/faq/faq.html
There is a Windows INF from Suncom for Win98, think it just registers the Joystick and throttle. It has a readme.txt


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