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Card - nVidia TNT2 model 64 PCI 32mb
OS - Windows 98SE
DirectX - 9
Graphics driver - 71.84 (from nVidia website, stated to be the last package which supports the TNT2)


Run dxdiag, run direct draw test, when you see the full screen white bouncing square test, you see it flickering.

Also, run a few directx games, eg Jedi Knight & NOLF. Both display corrupted texture graphics.

So, I try other older nVidia graphics driver packages: "66 94", "53 04", "45 23", "40 71". Same problem!

So, I try an even older graphics driver package: "30 82". Bingo. This works. The full screen bouncing square test inside dxdiag works as it should do - very smooth animation, and my two test games mentioned above display their graphics properly.

What is the problem? Are nVidia's driver packages buggy, or is it my fault - have I not tweaked some of the directx options correctly inside nvidia's control panel?

Thanks a lot for any thoughts, best regards, Robert.