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I did ask that question on another forum already but did someone managed to get a cf (Master) and a CDrom drive (slave) working together using only a (non-pnp) soundcard's IDE port?
Currently the cf only seems to work combined with the Xtide Bios attached on a network card.
When I connect a hdd as slave instead of the CD Drive both are successfully detected.
Even when i boot with floppy (Xtide pulled out)
with drivers and connect only the CDrom it won't work.
Before i used unisound on a pnp card and it worked fine.

EDIT: CDRom works now with and without xtide BIOS booted by Floppy but when i combine it with a cf or hdd vide-cdd.sys does not detect the CDRom drive.

My Retrosystems:
K6-2 400 running Win98SE
P1-133 with Win3.11
Tandon 286-8MHZ Running DOS 5.0 on XT-IDE Card

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I just like to add that the most efficicient cdrom driver doesn't have to mean the least memory use.
QEMM memory manager can compress memory fo fit more programs into smaller memory spaces.
Has anyone tried Rudolph Loews dos tools for the optical department? I hear there are even burner tools for data
and I was going to put together DOS machine with qemm and a GUI likely quikmenu III.
A kind of windows 3.1 alternative for DOS I have played One Must Fall 2097 launched from quikmenu with a qemm config.