Sierra Screamin'3D Rendition Verite 1000 with box...

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Sierra Screamin'3D Rendition Verite 1000 with box...

Postby Ozzuneoj » 2016-4-01 @ 22:06

I've had this for 20 years now and I haven't seen another with the box anywhere online.

I'm not planning to sell it, but I thought it'd be interesting to see what you video card collectors thought of this one.

Verite1000 2016-04-01 002 (1920x1440).jpg

As far as I can remember, this was everything that came with it (minus original antistatic bag and CD sleeves). I always thought this was an interesting item because it is the only graphics card I can think of that is named\packaged by a game company. Obviously its made by Canopus (which is a name that I associate with obscure '90s hardware as well), but it'd be like getting a "Blizzard SuperCOOL Geforce GTX 980 Ti"... it just sounds kind of silly now. My brother bought this to use with his Cyrix 133Mhz system (upgraded later to a Pentium 200MMX, which I still have and use), way back in 1996-1997. I've kept the box packed away safely for years but actually used the card and discs many times since then.

I really like this card though. Its too bad the modeX performance is so bad on the Verite chips. For the longest time my 9x\DOS all in one machine consisted of a K6-2 500, this Verite 1000 and Voodoo 2 12MB SLI with a SB16 CT2230. Now, I'm struggling to keep myself from building 5 different machines...

My collection has absolutely nothing on what some of you guys have (some of your collections are more valuable than all of my material possessions combined... possibly including my house), but I do have some other rather interesting things that I've held on to as well. If you guys want, I can take some more pictures later.

Its cool to have found a community that cares about this era as much as I do. :)
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Re: Sierra Screamin'3D Rendition Verite 1000 with box...

Postby y2k se » 2016-4-01 @ 22:27

I bought one of those cards when they were new for one reason: IndyCar Racing II.
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Re: Sierra Screamin'3D Rendition Verite 1000 with box...

Postby Putas » 2016-4-02 @ 05:10

Could you capture something from the Sierra titles?
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Re: Sierra Screamin'3D Rendition Verite 1000 with box...

Postby vetz » 2016-4-02 @ 08:53

Both me and Artex have this card boxed, so welcome to the "club" :)

The only thing that is interesting about this card is the bundled Silent Thunder version. It's Direct3D, but it's very picky on the cards it can run on, which makes sense since it was bundled with this card. Silent Thunder Direct3D was not released in any other way (patch, retail). Personally I find the software version is superior as you can play in higher resolutions and the Direct3D suffer from being from the infancy of Direct3D (think Monster Truck Madness and Hyperblade graphics/glitches). Also there are some bugs with the Direct3D version. Ofc back in 1996, Direct3D made sense to increase performance.
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Re: Sierra Screamin'3D Rendition Verite 1000 with box...

Postby BSA Starfire » 2016-4-02 @ 13:19

Thats really cool, I've been looking for a rendition of any flavour for ages, no luck. Great to see a complete survivor.
Thanks for sharing,
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