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I have Gravis Ultrasound that works with everything, but with mp3 mpxplay.

In wikipedia (?) it says, that GUS works
"Cards supported through emulation typically need a TSR driver wrapper"
What TSR driver is? How to install it?

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A "normal" GUS clearly is NOT the optimal target card for this player. Native support is always superior than emulation. GUS Classic has no native support in MPXPLAY.

Note that the GUS MAX has native support, and now I gave it a try for you, and it works, but the DX4/100 in my retro rig makes sound staccato at best. You need a P100 at least for this, I guess. I tested this with 128 kb/s mp3 files, 44100 Hz playback. At 22 kHz the CS4231 plays mp3 files fluid, but the sound is distorted.

With all these things said, it is still possible that with a beefy rig you wil get satisfactory results with SBOS or MegaEM. You might need to tinker with the ini file (pre-buffering etc.)

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If your aim is just to play MP3 files on a GUS in DOS, then perhaps you can try Open Cubic Player: http://www.cubic.org/player/download.html
It supports GUS and can play MP3 (as well as a wide variety of other formats, such as MOD, XM, S3M etc).

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