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Hi all!

After many time having random freezes on my Asus SP3 motherboard, I was able to track down the problem to the PS/2 mouse.
If I plug in a PS/2 mouse and use MS Mouse or CTMOUSE DOS drivers, games will lock up at some point.
Using a serial mouse on COM1 solves the issue, but I need the PS/2 mouse to work because of my KVM setup.

Some help will be appreciated 😀

Edit to add more info:

-The motherboard is the 486 SP3 with is AMD 5x86 133MHz CPU.
-The games I'm testing are Simon 1 CD and DOTT original EUR talkie versions.
-There is a SBPro CT1600 on IRQ 7, DMA 1.
-PS/2 Mouse should be using IRQ12.

Stuff I've tried:

PCI & VLB video cards.
Enable / disable EMS.
DOS 7 (FAT32) & DOS 6.22 (FAT16).
Memtest86 (passes).
Replace 2x16MB modules with 1x32MB module.
Setting a FAT16 partition of 80MB on the CF card.
Disabling all non relevant ports (COM2, LPT).
Disabling external cache.
Using moslo tool.

Both games will freeze (DOTT) or quit to DOS (SIMON) while playing speech audio at random points 🙁

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Is it your keyboard PS2 also? If so, try disconnect the keyboard and check if the problem persists.

In my case turns out that I had a mistake when connecting PS2 mouse pins to motherboard, but the problem occurred when I use with PS2 keyboard also attached. So, check if you have connected the right PS2 pins on motherboard.

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