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Hello people,

I'm currently building a retropc based on a super socket 7 amd k6-III machine but I'm having issues with my Teac FD-55 5.25" drive.... I bought it last month and I've noticed that the molex power plug was loose so the drive would just light up or do some click on its engine without turning the light on each time I powered the system And obviously I got Floppy drive failure. Then I was able to resolder the molex plug pins to its PCB and secure it and the drive started to work like a champ.
Yesterday when I was powering my pc I got Floppy Fail on Post and the drive would just light up for a few secs and do nothing more. If I plug the floppy cable plug on the other way around on my mobo then the light just stays on forever.... I configured the mobo correctly for A drive to be 3.5" 1.44MB FDD and B drive 5.25" 1.2MB drive. Also I realized that the molex plug became a bit loose again but once again I was able to resolder it and get it firmly attached to the controller PCB. Unfortunely this didn't solve the issue described. Also I cleaned the contacts of the contacts of the floppy plug that connects to the mobo cable and also swapped the cables and even tested in another old motherboard that supports 5.25 1.2MB FDD and nothing worked 🙁

What can I do To solve this?
Thank you in Advance for your kind help. 😀

With the best regards,