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- 70x70x15mm Nidec Beta SL D07R-12T2S4 A MR ( 3-PIN )
Is found on genuine stock AMD CPU 754-socket cooler ( Socket A, 939,... had similar basic fan: AMD hologram and full aluminium heat sink=no copper core or such.)

Now I'm replacing the 14 year old 70mm Nidec fan ( Ball bearing ):

-> I ordered Gelid SILENT 7 ( Hydro / Fluid )
http://gelidsolutions.com/thermal-solutions/c … e-fan-silent-7/
* 22 dB * CFM= 20

The original loud 40 dB Nidec has CFM= 30. Is this a problem ?

I ordered also Gelid SILENT 12(=120mm fan) CFM= 40 to replace an old 400W PSU fan. Is this a proper CFM for PSU ?

I know high end fans go up to CFM=100 but is it necessary ?

I'm planning to run a basic AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 59W .
- Any good "rule of thumb" for CPU, PSU, Case air flow CFMs ? What CFM goes to where ?

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I had a similar genuine AMD socket A CPU fan in early 2000 and it was horribly loud as new when bought. Now this recently found 754 has a similar fan and I wanted immediately to replace it because of that previous bad socket A sound experience.
I'm looking for just a 70mm silent fan replacement under <20 dB preferred. Nidecs and ADDAs are old and loud ball bearing technique fans. Looking for some new silent hydro fluid technique.

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It previously had Sempron 2800+ 754 which did not have Cool'n'Quiet.( I don't like Sempron/Celeron because cheap+slow )
- So I ordered a upgrade Athlon 64 3200+ 754 which has Cool'n'Quiet from China Ebay.

Should 2005 computers have 100 CFM fans or do they provide any real advances ?
- Is 40 CFM good ? 😊

Do vintage computers enjoy modern cooling and cases ?
What kind of case cooling do you use ?
- Planning to put 3x 120mm case coolers Front+Back+Side.
I watched those old used white cases for a while and came to a conclusion that they don't provide enough air flow. In old white cases 99% of them don't have proper front ventilation. Some had a 1pc 80mm fan and 2-3pcs small holes in front plastic.

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Old beige cases with a single 80mm rear exhaust fan are fine airflow wise for everything up to a 3ghz P4, highend Socket A or any modern dual core.

Depending on how many drives you run, how hot of a GPU, and how many expansion cards. Just make sure you have an appropriate cpu HSF and you arent trying to pack it full of stuff that produces heat and blocks airflow! Also the CFM of the exhaust fan plays a good roll. Are you using wimpy 20cfm fan or a fast ADDA pumping out 40+? Really its a case of setting up what you have and figuring out what needs improvement.

Or bypass it completely, spend $35 on a new ATX case with front and rear 120mm fans and not worry.

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