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evasive wrote on 2021-05-05, 06:56:

Can you please scan the manual, make a straight on top picture and a bios dump of that Soyo SY-013 board? We are missing a few bits & pieces here:

Sorry, that computer is long gone. Check out the thread though, I had taken pictures of some of the pages of the manual here - (SOLVED) EC&T 386 DX 25 not recognizing more than 4Mb RAM of 30 pin SIMMs when 8Mb is inserted.

PM Me actually, I'll let you know what I DO have (you already have my EISA 486 board) such as an undocumented 486SV2 board (not my rev anyhow) - it's about to be assembled into a system and sold. If you need more "modern" stuff, look at my eBay link and pick out anything interesting. I can't guarantee I'll take it right apart, but I can dump BIOSes no problem.

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Thanks all ! So the general concensus is that PcChips made some good boards and some bad boards. Well have had good and bad PCChips, Amptron, ECS, Asus, Giga, MSI, DFI and nearly every other known company including Intel with some good and bad boards. Is just part of computer history and this is a good topic to read thru !

Hate posting a reply and have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor. 🤣 Second computer a 286 12Mhz with real IDE drive ! After that came 386, 486, Pentium, P.Pro and everything after....

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I probably live on a parallel reality = P

I m a linux sysadmin but eletronics is my favorite hobby.

In the last 20 years hundreds of motherboards passed through my bench and pc chips for sure was the most problematic brand I have ever seen.

Non-existent quality control, bad capacitors, poor soldering job, thin boards, low quality sockets, stability problems and so on.

I still have in storage some working pc chips boards from 386 to super 7 , but that doesn't make them great boards, in general they are subpar compared to any other brand in every sense: durability, performance, documentation, etc.

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some peole say m577 was good, but when i tried it i had problems detecting the memory, and im talking about 128mb sticks
for some reason everything i tried was detected as half, or the board did not want to post