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I recently ordered one "new" from ebay. I have trouble installing drivers on it. Cant seem to find any windows 98 drivers that work.
The windows 98 drivers just don't install. It recognizes and installs some other drivers I have, which are for 2000/xp, but they obviously don't work.
I tried flashing some older bios's on it, but now the card won't even post past bios on any of my 3 computers.
Anyone else have experience with Sil3114 chips?
What other sata card do you recommend?
Also the card has a sst39sf010a microchip. Anyone know what I can use to flash it?

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dorkbert wrote:

This topic appears to have been covered --

SIL3114 PCI SATA drivers for Win98SE - Why is it not working?

Hmm, i've overlooked that post. However, I believe, I've bricked the card.
I've installed an older bios in hopes of fixing the issue of driver detection,
but now none of my computers post with the sil3114 card installed. I was wondering
if anyone knew of a reliable method to flash the sil3114 bios?

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Those SIL cards are best flashed right into the closest trash can.

I've tried multiple SIL based cards and they all had issues of some sort. From not detecting the drives properly to causing data corruption, to causing the computer to just act funny.

The VIA based ones are just as bad.

The only cards I have found that work reliably in all old systems I have tried them in is the Promise SATA 1 150 cards. The SATA 2 and higher cards do not have Win9x drivers so they are off the table for me.

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