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Hello and happy new year dear vogons users!
I'd like to try my nos UMC cpu on this 486 mb, the problem is on voltage selection there are just 2 settings (JP7): 3.45 and 3.60, in spite of this some pages down on support cpu list the umc cpu is mentioned, there is a blob of jumpers (from jp18 to jp24) with different settings, I noticed that JP23 controls the cache 3-4 for WB and 2-3 for WT, but have no clue about the others.

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Check this page to see if you can find your CPU in here; the UMC-U5S is listed there with the jumper settings you'll need, so I figure it should work. http://gboeger.de/Computer/Asus_PVI486SP3/pvisp3-cpu.html