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Hi there, I just bough an old piece of hardware, the famous wheel from Thrustmaster, the Formula T2.

I manage to make it work on Nascar Racing, Indycar Racing 2, Formula1 GP2, but after a long time to make Nascar 2 run in 3dfx mode, now I have a problem with this Wheel.

I try to explain, perhaps another user have the same mine problem and I can solve it.

When in the Options menu I try to select the input and try to assign one of the actions (steering,acceleration, braking, shift up, shift down and reverse) I have no time to do something cause the acceleration pedal it's like it is always pressed.
I don't know why, cause If I calibrate the wheel on the game, or in the Thrustmaster DOS software, all is ok, axes works perfectly.

But when I decide to assign some action everytime happens the same thing, immediately it assign the throttle pedal just like I am pressing the pedal, but obviously the pedal is in "sleep" state.

It's like the Nascar Racing 2 software see the pedal of throttle pressed.

Infact, if I try to enter in the game and drive, the car accelerate at maximum and I cannot brake or quit to accelerate.

Someone has an idea about that? Is there a conflict? I have no problem in other games, only in the Formula 1 GP2 happens one strange thing, probably connected to NR2 problem: when I am in the menus, and I move the mouse, the highlighted buttons scrolls up, only when I move the mouse. And to go UP on the menu is obviously through the throttle pedal.

I don't know what to say , I hope someone can help me so I can play these great oldies games with this great oldies wheel.


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Ok finally I found the problem.

It was some "weird" problem with Joystick 2 controller, that I don't have obviously but I don't know why system conflicted with my wheel.

I re-calibrate Joy 2 and after clickin ENTER probably the system seeing better that there is no joystick2 and now make me assign regularly actions with the wheel. Nice.

This is my driving car, for now :