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BushLin wrote on 2020-08-16, 19:37:
darry wrote on 2020-08-16, 19:28:

For post 2001-ish stuff I have GTX750TI on a third generation Core I3 running XP . Funnily enough, the last XP drivers for the GPU give a black screen over DVI on my 2018 vintage Acer EB321HQ 1080p monitor . I had to roll back a few versions to get something that worked .

Did you try the final XP driver release?
There were bugs introduced sometime after 327.23 but fixed by the time they stopped at 368.81... Which is awesome because it made the GTX960 a viable card under XP.

That machine is not currently connected, so I will need to check later. I am pretty sure I tried whatever was latest sometime in 2018 or 2019 and rolled back version by version until things started working .

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Side note: I just realized I have a Radeon 9000 inside an old Compaq mini-tower I’ve been meaning to get rid of. Is that any good? Is it worth hanging on to?

EDIT: I also just realized there’s an Audigy 2 in there, just minutes after ordering an Audigy 2 ZS on eBay. Ah well. At least it’s a bit of an upgrade.