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I'm looking for some programs and games that support 3D hardware acceleration but with some specifics:
- OpenGL earliest version
- Direct3D earliest version
- Direct hardware acceleration?

Chip that i'm trying to test is a Trident Cyber 9525DVD.
I don't know why but this chip fascinates me in the way that it supports Direct3D (unknown version) and OpenGL, yet most of the games fail completely to detect it as a 3D capable chip, while other games such as Urban Assault detect it correctly and it can run 1024x768 at 15 Fps through some sort of magic, while in other games it lags horribly and crashes entirely. At 320x240 in Half-Life detects it but crashes after 10 seconds (Sound and menus still work, 3D just fails). In another program, the chip was detected as OpenGL capable and apparently it can do a whooping 75,000 polygons per sec which is 4 times lower than what Playstation 1's GPU can do.

Trident Cyber 9525DVD Test, Review and supported games list

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I don't know if GLQuake was the first game with OpenGL support but it was basically the killer app for early 3D acceleration, although some cards need(ed) a specific OpenGL dll.
Early D3D I find harder to recommend, I don't have any experience with pre-D3D5 games really. My experience is also that early D3D games worked on very few cards (and best on 3DFX).
POD is an early game that offers a lot of different renderers if you like to experiment.

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Some ideas... Turok and Jedi Knight are pretty flexible for early 3D cards. Fury3 is one of the earliest D3D games. It will run on S3 Virge for example. Demos should be available.

I think the 9525 is based on 3D tech earlier than Blade 3D (aka 9880) which means it's quite limited and I am skeptical of it being OpenGL capable. It's possible you are actually running the MS software based GL.

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Best software to check hardware acceleration would be PC Player Direct3D Benchmark 2.10, it can work even with original Matrox Millennium, which doesn't have TMU.

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