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Hi! I've finished my retro build, an athlon 1700+, Biostar m7vig400 and 1gb ram. Installed a nos unknown(?) Geforce2 mx400 128 bit. Everything works pretty well, but have a huge frame drop in games like Quake3 or Unreal tournament. Fog effects, explosions drop from 50, 60fps to 10 in 640x480.
Im running Xp and tried every possible detonator and forceware. Agp fast writes enabled, vsync off, i think i'm in a dead end. Any thoughts ?
Tried a fx5500 and screams 80fps in 1280x1024.
Thanks so much for the help!

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SDR or DDR ?

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A non-MX GeForce 2 card would be a bit more competitive with the FX, ie. a GTS, Pro, Ti or Ultra.

It's basically a trade off, do you want period correctness or more performance. If it's performance, probably just stick with the FX or gamble with the high prices of the more powerful GeForce 2 cards.