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I'm trying to turn a PC I had as a kid into a sort of do everything Win98/XP box and I'm having a hard time getting my 9600XT to work in it.

  • PIII 550
  • 384MB SDRAM
  • Creative CT4810
  • ATi 3D Rage Pro
  • VIA USB 2.0 card
  • USR 56k ISA modem
  • 60GB SSD on SATA to IDE adaptor
  • Latest official beta BIOS

The Rage pro works fine in it and games acceptably well, but I really wanted something faster. I found a 9600XT in my stash of parts that I rescued from being e-waste and gave it a try, the system booted but games would refuse to run and simply crash to the desktop. I then started noticing that the card would only display video when the computer was horizontal, so I assumed that it was a bad solder or cracked capacitor on the card. However, the card seems to work fine in another system (though, I did not actually boot into Windows).

Now, the system will refuse to POST if the card is installed. I've tried clearing the CMOS, swapping power supplies, changing the AGP speed to 2X, changing the AGP aperture size, I've reseated every connector and swapped cards numerous times. I have tried pulling all but the graphics card from the system and two BIOS versions. The rage pro works totally fine in the slot, but I cannot seem to coax the 9600XT into working. I know these early VIA chip sets were a bit flaky, but I'm really at a loss as to what might be going wrong now.

I tried plugging a POST card into a PCI lot and the system seems to stop booting with 0Bh displayed on the card, if that helps. I'm using a PCI r9200 in it for the time being and that seems to work perfectly (if a little slow).

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Bad caps or poor connection, due to loose pins in AGP slot or dirty gold fingers on the card.

I must be some kind of standard: the anonymous gangbanger of the 21st century.

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I had another look at the board and card and there's no signs of capacitor failure, but AGP slot does have some corrosion on the pins. I will try cleaning it and give the card another try. I'm also going to install Windows on another box with an AGP slot to make sure the card actually works correctly.

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I cleaned out the AGP socket as best as I could using a toothbrush and IPA, still no luck on making the 9600XT work in that board. I tried installing the 9600XT in my socket 370 machine and it works flawlessly aside from a noisy fan. The graphics card I have in my P3V4X (3D Rage Pro) works fine as well. It really seems like it's just this combination of board and card that are not working.

I saw some posts on forums from around the time that this motherboard was released referencing AGP drive level (https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/asus-p3v … roblems.412335/) and a lot of complaints about this board not being able to run correctly at AGP4x. I'm not sure if anyone else with this board/chipset has had issues with this particular card but it seems like I might be pushing my luck a bit by trying to get an 8x/4x card to work with this board. I don't have another AGP 8x/4x card to test, though and I really don't want to shell out for yet another card that may not work.

Edit: I was not successful in getting this card to work, but I'll leave a list of the steps I took in troubleshooting for anyone who happens to end up here in the future:

  • Changed PSU
  • Changed DIMMS
  • Celared CMOS
  • Verified DIP switch settings
  • Tried a different card to make sure the slot worked
  • Tested the 9600XT in another system
  • Reseated all components and connectors
  • Cleaned AGP connector
  • Moved DIMMS do different sockets
  • Removed all PCI add-in cards
  • Tried different combinations of AGP aperture and speed in BIOS