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So this was my favorite childhood computer (Not specifically the one pictured, but same case and monitor) I found that on ebay they can go for 175-200+ without the monitor.

I was able to win an auction for one at 111.00 and I was thrilled. That same day while out I found the same model power strip center that I had connected with it.


And was thinking the stars have aligned .

About a week passes and I see a big half refrigerator sized box on my doorstep. I'm a little confused because Im not expecting anything that size.
I realize its my pc, so I ecstatically go to bring it in the house...then...oh no...the sides of the box start to fold in as I start to lift and I realize this box wasn't packed properly.

Seller used a small sheet of small bubble wrap, leaving the box 3/4 open for the pc to tumble around in during shipping.


So the front had broken off the mounts and the front had a bunch of cracks, there was pieces of it all in the bottom of the box.


I complained, got my money back. Funny thing is, I told the seller in the notes to please pack it carefully. It cost them 56 dollars to ship, which they had to eat.

I've been debating on what to do with the machine,. Ideally I'd like to find a replacement front, but I don't know how likely that would be, unless anyone here knows of a place.

My other option would be to save the insides and junk the case, which is what I'm thinking I should do, I just feel bad.

Inside is a P100, sound blaster, trio 64+. My original was a 486 33SX but had the same case with a different badge.

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You can superglue the front to the case, not ideal but only you will know once its done.

I'd keep the case but keep a lookout for a replacement, may take some time even years but would be shame if say just the front was listed for $10 but you had thrown away the rest of the case.
What you do till then is personal choice, you don't really need the faceplate at all to use the PC, but of course its damn ugly.

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I've got that case! I know my front doesn't pop off (never taken it off) and looking at that it's screwed on from the inside. Maybe fill the broken screw posts with a hot glue gun and re-drill them then the screws might bite and pull it back flush.

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Really need better pictures of the front bezel.

My gut tells me that you could use some Plastic Repair epoxy and just build it up with multiple applications and then re-drill the screw holes.

It works way better than superglue and you can actually work with it.

Even better would be to roll up a piece of paper where the screw posts were and then fill with the plastic repair epoxy and then let dry.

After it dries, you would just need to trim the post to the correct length and then drill the hole out for the screw. A hobby hand-drill would probably be best. I wouldn't trust myself with a battery or mains powered drill with drilling something like that.

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For broken front panels and pegs, I superglue them first to hold it together, then come back after and put 2-part plastic-compatible epoxy on it. For the posts, I'll pile it up around the posts to secure them really good.. Never had them break again after that.

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