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Curious if anyone knows if there was ever a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard / Mouse combo that had a receiver with PS/2 connectors?

I have a KVM with my 4 main retro computers setup (386 / 486 / Win 98 / Win XP) and currently use a Logitech S510 wireless keyboard that has a receiver with one PS/2 input for mouse and USB for keyboard. Using a USB to PS/2 adapter the keyboard connects to the KVM. I want to switch it out with a wireless mechanical keyboard as I just enjoy typing and using them a lot more than the soft clicking of this logitech.

I am primarily looking for PS/2 Connectors as I dont know if a USB to PS/2 Adapter will work with the mouse on the KVM as its an older 5 Port KVM (has serial mouse connectors on it as well for the older PCs). If there are wireless mechanical keyboards with USB Receivers that you know of, I could look into them and see if the USB to PS2 mouse adapters would work well. Its just been my experience in the past that the USB to PS2 Mouse adapters dont play well on KVMs.

If not, are there any standalone mechanical keyboards with PS/2 receiver?