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I have agonized over and purchased most of the components for my overkill Windows 98 SE build (socket 775). As I understand Windows 98 SE supports installing directly from CD, so I don't think I need a floppy drive. I will need a CD/DVD drive for OS installation, loading drivers, and of course games. Does selection here matter or can I just pick whatever is convenient/cheap? Does a SATA drive through an IDE adapter work just as well as a native IDE drive? It's unlikely I will ever burn CDs/DVDs from this system, I just need to read them.

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For 98SE and DOS, you might pay some attention to picking a drive with functional Red Book audio via analog out to the sound card. There's no CD audio via the bus in DOS, and even in 98SE it depends on your sound drivers. SATA as well as many late PATA drives don't necessarily offer that.

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