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Back in the day, after a decade I switched from Pentium 200 MMX directly into Celeron-M 1,73 Ghz Laptop (Had also Celeron 400 MHz but only for pretty short period) so I missed everything that happened meanwhile in CPU world.

That Celeron-M is still a beast, with 2 GHz of RAM it runs lightweight builds of Win7 and few years old version of Linux Mint vell, hell I was even able to play least demanding PCSX2 games at full speed!

Question is, how good is was comparing, clock by clock, to (high end) Pentium 3, Pentium 4, Pentium M? Would any of those bring better desktop experience than my hardware?

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It should be able to run the latest 32-bit Linux Mint no worries at all..

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Apparently 32-bit is dead and nobody likes P4s.
Of course, as always, I'm open to correction...😉

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So Celeron M 430? Of those, the main competitor would be Pentium M.
P3 and P4 are even older (slower, clock-by-clock).
Compared to Pentium M, it has only half the cache but it's using 65nm lithography so I'd say keep it.

https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/c … Ids=27590,27150