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Many people think that there are only differences among different kinds of skateboards; however, there do exist several variations for the same type of skateboard. The story is similar for longboards which may confuse new skaters on their way to find the perfect longboard for their riding style.

Most of the time, these novices look for recommendations from the internet; however, these websites only suggest cheap products and they have not tested them yet. Hence, today I will show you the fastest way to get access to reputable longboard brands for your budget.



Since cost is the number one concern of most skateboarders, I will go first about different classes of longboards based on their price. Initially, skaters have to know for sure how much they can pay for a longboard. Remember that higher quality the components are, they are more unlikely to wear out soon and take less effort to maintain.

To learn about how the quality of your skateboard can affect your performance, you can read other threads at SkateAdvisors. On this website, you can also learn about different types of skateboards categorized by the quality of the components.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly longboard, the local skate shops are the perfect option. Moreover, you can save a significant amount of money from shipping fees if you want to order something off the internet.

International shipping is costly and the shipping fees can be shocking to skaters who are not familiar with buying longboards online. Additionally, some brands have already charged customers the shipping fees in their total price so skaters may have to pay more for a short shipping distance.

Let’s go first for the highest range of longboards such as Loaded Boards, Bustin Boards, Zenit, DB Longboards, and Landyachtz. These brands usually offer longboards costing $200+ and they normally have the highest quality and can last for a long time. A Loaded Tan Tien longboard can easily last for decades and skateboarders can still resale it for a considerably high value.

The mid-tier budget which costs between $100 and $200 is suitable for buyers looking for quality bearings, trucks, and decks. Longboards made by Landyachtz, Sector 9, Arbor, Globe, or Penny Skateboards are worth every penny. Furthermore, I think the grip tape of skateboards in this range is underpriced for their excellent traction and longevity.

In terms of price, low-tier products which have prices under $100 are usually available on every e-commercial website like Amazon. If you are looking for a toy skateboard, these models are generally good. However, for a true skater looking for a decent longboard, these products always have some parts that have low quality. Hence, you can expect these products to last as long as the expensive ones.

For newbies who haven’t determined their skating style yet, a low price longboard may be the best beginner skateboard. After a while skating with a low-tier model, they may gain knowledge about how to choose the perfect skateboard or know which skating style they want to follow.


Before buying any longboard, I highly recommend that you borrow a board from your friends to try a couple of rides. Doing this will allow you to consider carefully before investing money in your desired longboard, especially an expensive model.

Facebook, eBay, and Marketplace are some recommended sites for longboards at garage sales. If you are lucky, you can easily find a quality product at a low price since the previous owner usually doesn’t need it anymore. That’s why you can gain a big profit from the steep discount as compared to a new skateboard. Unfortunately, the majority of skateboards on these sites are not qualified or tested by other skateboarders so the quality and durability are skeptical.


Last but not least, the skating environment also contributes to the decision of buying any longboard. Before making up your mind about a skateboard, remember to check where you want to skate and the characteristics of the terrains. For instance, if you are going to skate on the ground with degraded sidewalks or cobblestone, a longboard that is able to handle small obstacles and rough surfaces is much better.

Based on my experience, new skateboarders had better consider the wheel characteristics including the diameter and durometer for the right skateboard. For handling rough surfaces as I mentioned above, a low durometer from 75A to 87A and a smaller wheelbase are the ideal options for tight cornering.


The price of longboards can be considerably high if you want to customize your own skateboard. Furthermore, some advanced technical specifications such as deck concave, flex ratings, pivot angles, wheel durometer ratings, or truck types can influence the cost of the product. However, for beginners, I recommend you to follow the instructions above to save money and own a decent longboard.