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Hi, i have a packard bell force 325 which has currently 4mb of ram, 2mb soldered on board and 2mb in two 1mb simm30 modules.
However the motherboard has the markings to solder 4 slots more, making it 8 in total (4 currently populated now)
My question is if it would be so simple as to solder a slot and so on or there are some modifications or considerations to take in account.
Motherboard PCB-03 (?)
CPU 386SX 25

Ohh, the humanity 😢
386SX 25-C3 800-P3 900-Atom 1.6-C-D 2.13-P4 2.26-P4HT 3.0-P-DC 1.6-AFX 2.6-FX 3.3

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Pictures might help determine wether the unpopulated solder spots are electrically connected or if you'd need to add other components in addition to the RAM slots.
There's also the possibility of the soldered onboard memory using the same electrical connections as the unpopulated solder spots. This would mean you'd also have to remove the onboard RAM before you could use any RAM you'd install into the slots you soldered on.