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Hello guys, this is my first post here at vogons community \o/
Recently I bought my dream's computer: An IBM Aptiva 2144-K77 which comes with an Intel SX CPU and it supports upgrades up to DX4 according to its Mainboard's manual (Aptiva C-1).
However as it doesn't have any voltage regulator, it doesn't support a standard DX4 (3.3V) and it shoud use Intel Overdrive DX4.
So I'm wondering if it supports ODP CPUs or only ODPR ones.
It has the 169⁰ pin however it doesn't have the secondary socket, if I'm willing to install the ODP CPU, I have to remove the standard CPU, which wasn't the way that ODP CPUs (and 487s) was meant to run.
Does anyone knows anything about it?
EDIT: Found an old topic where someone tried to install what seemed to be an ODPR CPU on the same Aptiva mainboard and it won't work. So, might it suport just the ODP CPUs? That's so WEIRD.
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