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So I just received in the post a Shuttle HOT-433 motherboard, which should be an adequate board for a 486 era machine I want to build.

Unexpectedly the seller included in the box an AMD 5x86 DX4 100MHz, which is pretty sweet!

However I had envisioned putting an i486 66MHz in here as a 'quintessential' 486 machine.

It'll likely just be for gaming with DOS and Windows 3.11 on it. I already have a Pentium III 450MHz for high-end DOS and Windows gaming, and intend to find that old Amstrad 286 for low-end, so this 486-era will be for mid-90s stuff, ideally DOOM-level.

I'm torn now - should I keep the 100MHz for the superior performance, or plum for the genuine Intel experience? Am I being overly sentimental or purist?

My own experience was jumping from a 286 Amstrad to a Pentium 133 sometime mid-90s, so 486 passed me by.

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You can make the 100MHz run at 66MHz with change of multiplier jumper, there is option to have 2x or 3x. It should give performance similar to a 66MHz DX2 while being much less hot since that CPU is 3.3V and not 5V.

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