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good morning to all

i am trying to build a retro pc for dos - win95 gaming

i have a shuttle HOT-661/P V3.0 motherboard combined with a pentium2 400mhz and 128mb of sdram
during the build i made my tests for the best possible graphics card to install, from those i have on my collection at least.

i test:
a matrox pci g450 millenium
a geforce 2 ti 64mb agp
an fx 5500 256mb agp
a riva tnt agp 16mb

for the testing method i used 3dmark 99 max at 640x480 and 800x600

after hours of testing i have the following results :

matrox g450 and riva tnt 3300 marks (between them the difference on marks was very close)
fx 5500 2750 marks
geforce 2 ti was giving me artifacts and never complete the test. (card is ok i test her on a p3 933mhz and complete all the test normally even 3dmark 2000 and 2001)

and now i want to ask... why agp perfomance is so poor?
i know that 440bx agp capability is x2 , but against the 33mhz of pci slot there has to be a huge difference
if there were a cpu bottleneck why pci g450 or agp riva tnt does not affect so much?
fx 5500 is far better than the g450
gf2 gine me incobatibility with the socket.

i will procced with matrox but if you have any solution for the other cards it will be perfect!!

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I would say your performance is as expected.

The cpu and memory are slow; agp is not the bottleneck here.

Fx5500 result is explained by different drivers used, most likely. Assuming the fx 5500 you have is an 128 bit card.

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yes it is 128bit 256mb
i used the 45.23 it was as old as i can go.
45.23 with the trick used the card as 5200
any other newer driver causing instability.
on riva tnt i used the 8.03 drivers i think.

do you have any driver suggestion for gf2 ti?

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Roman555 wrote on 2021-06-23, 09:49:
iraklis777 wrote on 2021-06-23, 09:31:

do you have any driver suggestion for gf2 ti?

Maybe it draws from an AGP linear regulator much more power than others...

GF2 on idle is fine

on 640x480 starting having some corrupt images
and on 800x600 atifacts and hangs the system

i thought it about the power consumption

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I ran 3dmark 99 max on my PIII rig at 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 16bit and 32bit and got 4850 3DMarks on average, 9350 CPU marks. Resolution and bit depth didn't have an effect on score.

It seems for 3d accelerated games it's beneficial to have a PIII CPU.

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