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I'm just finishing setting up a Dell T5500 workstation. I've upgraded it to have dual six-core Xeons (X5670 SLBV7 2.93 GHz) with 24 GB of RAM (12GB on the motherboard and 12GB on the second CPU riser).

This is the first time I've used a dual processor system with both CPUs installed. Two bios settings I'm a bit unsure on though:
Hyperthreading and Intel Speedstep

Should these be on or off? Both were off by default in the BIOS. I've seen some posts elsewhere suggesting hyperthreading should be off on dual processor systems.

I'll be dropping in a Geforce 1050 2GB and be using this machine for my daily driver until I can build a new system. Old I know... but it can handle basic editing and real time playback of 4k content in Premiere, something my current Q9550 system cannot.

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Some older programs didn't run well with Hyperthreading but all modern software should be OK.

Speedstep slows down the CPU to save power during idle periods. You may notice a delay when it switches from from low speed to high speed though. Keep it off if this bothers you.

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Dual P4 class might have hyperthreading hiccups, but by the time 6 core beasties are around, BIOS and OS should know what the heck is up.

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Hyperthreading (HT) definitely enabled, hasn't really been an issue since Windows XP.
Speedstep your choice, Off = CPU runs full speed all the time. ON = CPU only runs as fast as you need to save power (eg will run slower if simply typing up a document)
I turn it off because MORE POWER!!!!

I love the T5500, Really well built. I saved 3 from scrap but all single socket so had to buy the CPU raiser
One is in storage. (only one still single socket)
One is hooked upto the TV downstairs for streaming/multimedia duties
and the 3rd is a freak of nature
My Win7/XP build with 2 CPU 16 thread's, 4 GPU crossfire, 2 PSU build

Although I'm not really happy with the build and will put a single more sensible graphics card in when prices become normal again.